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Thanks for stopping by. Help yourself to anything in the fridge.

Mt. Crushmore was founded on one simple thought:

If you want something done right, do it yourself. 

What started as a single family home for some friends in New Jersey, Mt. Crushmore is slowly taking shape as a boarding home for any like minded individuals who share the same obsessions; loud music, vinyl records, and the 1998 box office smash ‘Armageddon’.

Thanks for stopping by. Help yourself to anything in the fridge.


May04, 2021

Welcome Zopa to Mt. Crushmore

May 4, 2021|Categories: Crushing News, Press Release|Tags: |

We'd like to welcome NYC's Zopa to the Mt. Crushmore family. After hearing their full length "La Dolce Vita" last summer, one thought flashed through our minds: This record belongs on wax. We're excited to bring their unique blend of garage rock and shoe gaze to your record collection on two limited variants on [GET SOME]

Mar12, 2021

Welcome to Mt. Crushmore

March 12, 2021|Categories: Crushing News|Tags: , , |

Hey! Welcome to the brandy new A few years ago a couple of friends soaked one too many suds in the sun and came up with the idea to start a label for fun. It would be a place where our projects could live on our own terms. Maybe we'd release a record a [GET SOME]

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