1. The New Hallelvjah (feat. Sam Russo)
2. We
3. Em (feat. Joy Weather, Brian Ishiba, No Red Alice & Mercy Music)
4. Best Friends
5. Eleanor Rigby
6. Clean Sheets (feat. Matze Rossi)
7. Tomoe (American Heart)
8. The Filthy 15
9. Time After Time (feat. Tiny Stills)
10. Because You’re Young (feat. Jared Hart)
11. The White Rose
12. Generator (feat. Girlgoyle)
13. Lifers
14. In My Life


Released: 11/17/23

Moments, ideas from the cutting room floor… This collection of Divided Heaven songs is lovingly all over the place; a beautiful mess. These 14 songs were previously released as singles, compilation tracks & EPs. Some were released for charity campaigns & some for no good reason at all. Some we’ve always loved & some we loved, then hated & have grown to love again. The four Divided Heaven albums, A Rival City (2011), Youngblood (2014), Cold War (2018) & Oblivion (2022), are unique unto themselves & very different from one another. To me, the songs in this collection take me back to times between each of those album cycles; the times where things get creative and weird. Myself, my bandmates & our producers have always tried to shed the ‘should do’ &  instead focus on doing the damned things, turning moments & ideas into reality. Cover Cyndi Lauper? Let’s get it! Write a 4-minute song about the intellectual anti-fascist group known as The White Rose? Hell yes! Re-write & re-record a song for the third time in honor of our late friend, Emily? Yes. Turn a classic Oi! Song into a children’s lullaby with Jared Hart? Absolutely! I’ll admit, this collection is difficult to define but that makes it fun. Now felt like the right time to properly release this collection as a means of reflection on the past decade plus of Divided Heaven. Thank you for sharing this moment. As always, the best is yet to come…
Jeff Berman, December 2023


Limited Edition lathe cut 12″